Widgets enable you to personalize your dashboard so that the key data is always visible on your main page. Thanks to those small interface components, you can customize your platform’s layout to display the information most relevant to your needs. Widgets are available to every Administrator Account. Creating Widgets is pretty easy; check the information below to learn how to use them. 

After you log in to the platform, you’ll see your Dashboard. Click on the “+ New widget” button to open the Widget creator window. 

By default, you have 3 different widgets at your disposal:

Courses Overview #

This widget displays the total number of courses, including the published courses and drafts.

Available fiters: Category, Price, Course level, External / Internal, Currency, and Program. 

Sample Courses Widget:

Organization Units Overview #

In this case, the widget shows the total number of organization units, including the number of compliant and non-compliant organization units.

Available filters: Country, Site, Project Group, Sub Team, Region, Team, and Working Group.

  Sample Org units Widget:

Users Overview #

This widget shows the total number of learners, considering the number of compliant and non-compliant users.

Available filters: User Status, Country, Site, Project Group, Company Name, Region, Team, and Working Group. 

    Sample Users Widget:

Customized Filters for Widgets 

If our built-in filters do not meet your requirements, creating ones that do might be necessary. Many of our clients have very specific needs due to their distinct lines of business.

Here’s an example of a custom widget we’ve created for one of the clients. It shows billable time with a breakdown by Mandatory Training courses:

Reach out to us to discuss your industry-specific needs. Our experienced team will assist you in working out the right solution for your needs. 

Rearrange your widgets  

To reorganize the layout of the widgets on your Dashboard, you simply drag and drop them to where you want them to be. You might find this functionality very convenient if your Dashboard is packed with Widgets; some are more compelling to you than others. 

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