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Streamline training with LMS for Enterprises

Increase operational profitability through a modern enterprise LMS. Provide your colleagues with the training they need, optimize knowledge transfer processes and track results at multiple operational levels. From employees, through suppliers, franchisees and business partners - Samelane is all you need.
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Enterprise Learning Management System

In the enterprise world, business dynamics depend on multi-level communication. Corporate LMS allows efficient management of training processes at many levels, enabling learning at any time and place and providing access to current materials and courses.
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Benefits of LMS for large companies

LMS tailored to your needs

LMS Tailored to Your Needs

Samelane is a fully customized Learning Management System with an offer tailored to the enterprise’s needs. Many training paths adapted to functions and positions, update notifications, and training webinars are just some of the features of customization selection.

On-premise LMS

On-Premise LMS

An enterprise LMS allows to locate the training system on the company’s local server, ensuring data security and control over your enterprise’s educational environment.

Organization Structure LMS

Organization Structure & User Segmentation

Add your partners, suppliers, franchises or internal organizational units to the corporate LMS and easily manage learning, check reports and KPIs.
Samelane allows you to create up to seven levels of internal organizational structure or partner network.

AR Hands-on Training LMS

AR Hands-on Training

Samelane is the only LMS on the market that integrates AR, VR, and MR. Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality allow you to perform training in any habitual environment enhanced by the virtual models of machines, equipment, and other elements that create a unique immersive learning experience.

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User Data Synch with Client Internal System & SSO Integration

Make use of the integration with your internal user management systems to create, update, and terminate user accounts automatically. Save time of platform administrators – there is no need to add or delete users manually.

Centralized Training Management

Enterprise Learning Management System provides a centralized platform to manage and deliver training content, making tracking progress easier and ensuring employee development consistency. Samelane ensures all employees receive the same information and skill sets with standardized training modules, leading to uniform performance and service quality. All training resources are accessible in one place, making it easy to upload, update, and provide to employees 24/7.

Enterprises scalability


Accommodate growth by effortlessly scaling to meet your workforce’s training needs. Our enterprise learning management system offers a seamless learning experience to a diverse and dynamic workforce. Samelane efficiently adapts to varying employee numbers, optimizes resource allocation, and ensures consistent content distribution. Regardless of the scale, manage training programs effectively and support employee development.

Enterprises onboarding and compliance

Onboarding and Compliance

Our corporate learning management system aids in the seamless onboarding of new employees, helping them adapt swiftly to the company’s values, processes, and expectations. Samelane facilitates a seamless onboarding process, guiding new employees through the company’s core values and regulations. By swift onboarding of the new team members to the organization’s operational intricacies, Samelane contributes to cultivating an engaged and committed workforce, enhancing employee retention rates, and fostering a strong sense of belonging within the corporate structure.

Enterprises data safety and adherence

Data Safety and Adherence

Your data is safe and secure with the Samelane enterprise learning management system. We follow the industry standards for storage, encryption, and EU privacy policies. Our platform complies with modern security norms, enabling encrypted connections and protected access to data. We align with up-to-date safety standards like ISO, FISMA, and PCI. On-premises safety solutions are also an option.

Samelane core features for large enterprises

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24/7 access
The course content is available round-the-clock and can be retrieved from anywhere and on every device. Your employees and partners can study and view the learning materials whenever it’s convenient for them.
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Customizable system
Our corporate LMS enables platform customization and company branding. Incorporate branding elements like your organization’s logo and identity colors to provide a consistently branded learning experience.
Training automation icon
Training automation
With Samelane, you can automate onboarding and compliance training, keeping your employees up to date with regulations and certifications across all your business units. Our LMS enables assigning role-based training paths, ensuring training relevant to the roles and tasks.
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Access management and security
Our corporate LMS, designed for large enterprises, incorporates robust security features, including data encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry data protection and privacy standards. Create numerous levels of hierarchy within your organization, including your business partners.
Advanced reporting
Generate comprehensive reports, analyze collective data on employee learning progress, assess the results, and identify improvement areas. Data tracking functionality proves valuable during compliance audits and regular training effectiveness tracking.
Evaluation icon
Employee evaluation
Enhance employee evaluation with tests and examinations at the end of each course module. Set specific passing criteria, ensuring employees demonstrate a strong understanding of the material. Increase engagement and award your employees with accreditation badges and certificates.

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