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Support your processes in caring for public health using the all-in-one, comprehensive solution for industrial knowledge management. Build expertise and competitive advantages in the ever-growing field requiring expert knowledge and continuous development.
Healthcare industry
The healthcare industry

The healthcare industry

The healthcare industry, comprised of medical services, drug manufacturing and research, followed by medical equipment and health-related services, is already one of the largest industrial branches, expected to continue growing. While skilled workers are necessary for every field, in the healthcare industry employee qualifications impact humans wellbeing by improving therapies and discovery of new treatments. Continuous development is a must for healthcare workers, to ensure updating and upgrading skills and competencies.

The ever-changing environment, where new equipment and treatments emerge continuously, calls for access to standardized, efficient training.

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Benefits of healthcare LMS

Standardize knowledge

Standardize knowledge

Enough with training inconsistencies, the LMS brings an end to irregular, erratic learning. Providing staff with unified, accessible materials is a step towards building organizations with competent, consistently educated personnel.
Prevent burnout

Prevent burnout among your staff

Healthcare employees are prone to burnout and providing them with precisely selected learning materials can be a part of prevention processes. Acquisition of new knowledge and skills affects job satisfaction and can counteract burnout, improving employee morale and welfare.
Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Constant, easy access to knowledge translates into better results for your organization. Your employees will benefit from the carefully selected courses, enabling them to perform their tasks expertly. The LMS comes with built-in tools to assess the process and optimize it for the best results.
Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Minimize threats caused by human error and lack of knowledge. Use the LMS tailored to the healthcare industry’s needs to quickly and effectively respond to emerging training needs. Every time a new procedure, medicine, or type of medical equipment is introduced, the courses are available for your personnel to acknowledge.
Save time and money

Save time and money

Using an LMS tailored to your needs improves time- and cost-effectiveness within the organization. Contrary to traditional classroom training, e-learning can be accessed from any location, leading to savings in operational costs. Learning management systems let companies optimize their processes while investing in the biggest asset, their personnel.
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Samelane core features for healthcare

Customizable system icon
Adjust the platform to your needs and assign the necessary courses, from entry-level materials to re-certifications and compliance training. Configure the functionalities to fully match your needs arising from the industry demands.
Access management and security icon
The LMS secures your data, internal processes and professional secrecy using SSL and SSO/Oauth2 authorization protocols. The platform is GDPR-compliant and ISO aligned, ensuring the best data protection practices.
24/7 availability - LMS
24/7 availability
Access training anytime, anywhere you need it. The courses are available non-stop, eliminating the risk that personnel working certain shifts may miss their opportunity to learn.
Automated onboarding icon
Compliance training
Centralized training available to all employees across the organization, country- and worldwide. Present your staff with courses regarding necessary processes and procedures to meet industry standards.
Training automation in LMS
Training automation
Automate training and onboarding by providing unified courses delivered to your staff and new hires with the LMS. Use the e-learning platform to introduce standardized content across your departments and facilities, tracking progress and the arising needs automatically.
Monitoring and reporting
Gain access to transparent, automatically generated reports showing progress and areas requiring improvement. Monitor your employee's growing expertise and collect feedback on completed courses.

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