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Discover how to track employee training progress with our latest e-book

This guide uncovers reporting and analytics tools in training management and outlines the main objectives of monitoring employees' training performance. Download a PDF file to learn more and start monitoring your employee training progress effectively.

Use valuable metrics to tailor training programs.
Optimize course content with course reports.
Evaluate learning paths with learning track reports.
how to track employee training progress
Training performance about

What it’s about:

automated user assignment
Learners Reports
With users' performance metrics, you can identify areas for improvement and tailor training programs to meet specific needs. Understanding learner behaviors and preferences will help improve training outcomes in your organization.
flexible content sharing
Course Reports
Get valuable feedback on course completion rates, assessment scores, and learning outcomes. With course metrics, you can optimize training programs and employ new methods for maximum impact.
performance monitoring
Learning Track Reports
Track the progress of training cohorts or groups, monitor completion rates, and evaluate the overall effectiveness. Use these reports to ensure training initiatives align with organizational goals and priorities.

From this free e-book, you’ll find out:

How to use built-in reporting tools in the LMS.
Why analyzing training data gives you sustained long-term benefits.
How learner reports can improve training effectiveness.
How to improve training programs based on the behavior and preferences of training participants.
What metrics you should analyze to make better business decisions.
How to identify strengths and weaknesses in learning tracks.
What metrics you should track to allocate resources more efficiently.
How to adopt a data-driven approach while designing training programs.
Training performance find out

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The e-book "How to Track & Measure Employee Training Performance” contains valuable knowledge on analyzing training data. The universal nature of the metrics provided by the LMS makes us recommend this reading to all specialists in training management, HR, partnership managers, and the C-level workforce. Download it and experience how a data-centric approach can contribute to your organization's success.

how to track employee training progress
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