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Improve knowledge transfer in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry shapes and saves the lives of millions of people daily. Consisting of companies developing, manufacturing, and distributing medicines, the global field is estimated to be worth over 1.5 trillion dollars in 2023.

The industry faces numerous challenges, affecting companies’ market position. The dynamically changing environment, emerging trends and discoveries enforce constant readiness to improve and learn. Pharmaceutical companies need to remain compliant with industry standards and regulations, involving ongoing progress and development among employees.

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Benefits of pharmaceutical LMS

Unified training

Provide unified training

Train your staff in a standardized, consistent way on new regulations and products entering the global market. Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards for providing top-notch service and products.
Improve product knowledge

Improve product knowledge

A thorough understanding of products and their qualities builds confidence in answering customer questions. Provide employees with consistent training and knowledge evaluation, benefitting the company and sales revenue.
Increase product safety

Increase product safety

Product-related threats need to be addressed and avoided at every chance possible. Guide your staff towards excellence in creating products and services that fulfil their original purpose, preventing potential harm or damage.
Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Using the right knowledge management tools contributes to improving processes and achieving better results. Ongoing competence development translates not only into work efficiency but also greater employee satisfaction and commitment to work.
Save time and money

Save time and money

No matter the type of training – onboarding, compliance, process, customer service, soft skills, software – our LMS will help you provide the right courses to the right people. Utilize different content formats, such as audio, video, and presentations to answer a variety of needs and learning patterns.
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Samelane core features for pharmaceutical industry

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24/7 availability
With hassle-free on-the-go access to the LMS platform, your staff can use training materials anytime and anywhere. Unobstructed access to e-learning courses answers users’ needs in the dynamic, ever-changing environment.
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Tracking and reporting
The platform comes with an integrated reporting panel, enabling convenient insights into learning progress and achievements. Depending on the course of learning, easily assign further training steps and gather reports on employee performance.
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Blended training
Supplement your traditional instructor-led classroom training with the potential of digital courses. The digital platform helps to integrate online learning into industrial processes for cost-efficient, responsive training.
Scalability in LMS
The platform is a solution built to grow, keeping up with your operations. As you scale your employment, Samelane adapts to your needs, offering easy integration with the extending structures.
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Training automation
Reduce time spent on onboarding, compliance training, and re-certification. The LMS enables automation of internal knowledge-related processes, from employee's day one to assuring ongoing compliance with industry regulations, taking the burden off your HR department.
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The platform is ISO aligned, compliant with EU privacy rules and GDPR to ensure corporate-grade data protection practices. All your business-related content, user information and internal processes are protected with safe authorization protocols.

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