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AR in industrial training as training module type

Revolutionize Competence Building with Augmented Reality Solutions

Experience an immersive learning journey by incorporating digital components into real-world workspaces through AR training. Seamlessly integrate new possibilities into your educational path and easily create interactive training thanks to a user-friendly interface. Enhance competency and skill-building opportunities to unprecedented levels.

Discover the power of augmented reality

Explore a captivating blend of real-life surroundings and digital reality. There are computer-generated elements, such as interactive 3D objects, lifelike holograms, images, videos, and text instructions, within your reach. Augmented reality enhances the perception of the real world with additional information.
Dedicated AR devices
Digital workflows
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Boost productivity with AR-powered training and support

Accelerate problem-solving
a collaboration with remote experts enables real-time resolution of technical issues, having on-site staff follow step-by-step guidance via AR glasses. 
Enhance productivity
a standardized training platform enables consistent knowledge and skills transfer for all employees, minimizing time spent on searching for information, AR training boosts work efficiency.
Reduce costs
 leveraging AR training, remote experts collaboration, and predictive maintenance cuts expenses for employee training, business travel, and equipment operations.
Ensure business continuity
minimizing machinery downtime, mitigating human error, and preserving knowledge safeguard your enterprise from unforeseen events.
Secure internal know-how
AR instructions help with retaining vital expertise within the organization, allowing for 24/7 access for all employees company-wide.
Elevate product and service quality
immediate access to documentation, training resources, and checklists ensures the highest standards of products followed by customer satisfaction.

Discover the essential features of Samelane AR training

Convenient digital workflows creation
The Workflow Creator allows you to easily generate tutorials for your team. This user-friendly feature enables creating instructions independently, eliminating the need for external experts' participation.
ar training workflows
Experience hands-free learning and guidance.
Utilize AR devices for seamless on-the-job training and practice. Step-by-step instructions are displayed directly within the employee's field of view. Thanks to wearable devices, users interact with the platform using voice commands and gestures, while industrial-grade AR glasses remain compatible with essential protective gear.
ar hands free
Streamline service checklists
Make use of interactive checklists to run service and quality assurance procedures, steadily guiding employees. The system verifies task completion, provides feedback, and gathers valuable statistics for future analysis.
ar check list
Integrate with core business systems
Maximize performance and accuracy by integrating with SCADA, MES, ERP, CRM, and PLM systems. Incorporate the AR platform into your company's ecosystem, enabling remote machinery inspection, maintenance, task automation, and seamless data management.
Ar system
Leverage multiple media formats
Convey knowledge using various formats, including text, images, video and audio files, 3D models, and PDFs. Create in-house materials for step-by-step digital guides.
ar media formats
Engage with 3D models and holograms
Provide a realistic and immersive learning experience by displaying interactive 3D models and lifelike 1:1 holograms with AR devices. Equip staff with relevant resources directly in the workspace, fostering a dynamic and accessible learning environment.
Take full advantage of an advanced Admin Panel
Empower administrators to manage resources, and acquire data-driven insights effortlessly and intuitively.
Ar admin panel
QR codes
Replace paper manuals with QR codes that store specific information and allow to launch tutorials directly where needed. Use QR codes to streamline platform access by eliminating the necessity of login and password input.
ar training qr

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