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Unlock the potential of AR training in the industry

Increase effectiveness of your industrial processes, shorten the time newly hired employees need to start working productively, and discover areas that need improvement by implementing Augmented Reality training straight away.
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About manufacturing

About manufacturing

As we face an increasing demand for qualified specialists, there's a need to shorten the time needed to prepare newly hired employees to start working effectively and let employees gain new skills.

Augmented Reality solutions will definitely help in these endeavors.

What is Augmented Reality and AR training?

Augmented Reality technology allows you to experience the real world with all its objects but seamlessly blended with digital reality. Computer-generated elements broaden the view by applying new elements, such as interactive 3D objects, realistic holograms, pictures, video, and text instructions.

Virtual reality

Whereas virtual reality replaces the real world completely, augmented reality is perceived as a natural part of the existing environment, allowing a person to immerse themselves.

Augmented Reality glasses

AR widespread use is possible thanks to intelligent Augmented Reality glasses that guide employees and allow hands-free operation, the realization of various scenarios, and interaction with virtual objects.

The technology

The technology has been eagerly adopted by factories and other production companies because the machines can be used by learners without the risk of health loss or equipment damage.

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Benefits of AR training in the industry

Graf Training time and costs reduction

Training time and costs reduction

Traditional employee training with real machines, equipment, and trainers is time-consuming and expensive. AR training allows companies to cut these costs significantly and helps to shorten the time needed to prepare new hires to start working independently and efficiently.

What is more, it minimizes the manufacturing costs of potential mistakes and equipment damage. What is more, it minimizes the manufacturing costs of potential mistakes and equipment damage.

Safer and more engaging training

AR training is known for its effectiveness in the field. Workers can perform tasks as in reality, standing by a machine with Augmented Reality goggles on and repeating the activities presented.

The system can minimize a risk of error, showing what and how exactly should be done. Hands-on training is way more absorbing and effective.
VR - Safer and more engaging training
Standardized knowledge and processes

Standardized knowledge and processes

Your employees need to get to know machines and manufacturing processes inside out before they start working in the field. AR training guarantees that everyone receives the same instructions and starts working with the same knowledge and skills.

Samelane allows collecting all courses and documentation in one central system, thus employees can access necessary information exactly when they need it.
The key features of Samelane AR training

The key features of Samelane AR training

Works with a variety of AR glasses

With Samelane, you’re not dependent on one AR headset provider. You can choose from a variety of default equipment that has already been integrated.

So you make sure it suits your company's needs best – and you can change it in the meantime. It can be done without having to modify your training content to adapt it to the new device.

Hands-free training

Thanks to Augmented Reality glasses all information can be displayed directly on goggles so employees can learn how to operate a machine with their hands free.

They don’t have to hold any paper manuals or tablets. This translates directly to training efficiency.

Works with multiple formats

During Augmented Reality training employees can get instructions in form of text, graphics, photos, video, audio, and interactive 3D model. It all depends on the type of course and your business needs.

More features of Samelane

AR training, multiple language versions, insight, reports and many more. Read more about Samelane’s features.

Case studies

Samelane helps many businesses reach their full potential.
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