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Maximize sales and simplify compliance with LMS for Insurance

Provide training, certification and support to employees, partners and service suppliers. Expand knowledge, reduce costs and risks. Let your insurance company grow and stay up to date with the best compliance standards!
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LMS for Insurance Industry

In the insurance industry, consistent knowledge about services and applicable legal regulations among associates is crucial. Training based on a dedicated LMS for the insurance ensures compliance among insurance service distributors, improves the quality of service, and increases sales.
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Benefits of LMS for Insurance Training

Compliance for Stakeholders LMS for insurance training

Compliance for Associates

Ensure knowledge alignment among employees, business partners and service providers. Structure training paths in Samelane LMS, providing immediate knowledge to associates regarding cooperation standards and the latest legal regulations.

LMS for insurance sales growth

Impact on Sales Growth

Increase sales through better knowledge of products and services among associate. LMS for insurance companies provides training paths that increase the effectiveness of product sales.

Automated Onboarding LMS for insurance

Automated Onboarding

Automate the onboarding process among new employees or business partners. Thanks to the progress tracking functions in the insurance LMS, you will know what the new person’s onboarding path looks like and where to support them in meeting company standards.

Tracking Progress LMS for Insurance

Tracking Progress

The user’s progress tracking function allows you to identify your knowledge as well as find a skill gap. At Samelane, LMS for Insurance training, we provide extensive features for tracking progress and information about completed training paths.

Conversational AI for Customer Service Training LMS for insurance

Conversational AI for Customer Service Training

The conversational AI feature provides support and training to customer-facing departments. AI, as a client, asks questions and collects answers and employee reactions. Thanks to this solution, you will receive data on how employees meet customer communication standards.

Enhancing Quality and Streamlining Operations LMS for insurance

Enhancing Quality and Streamlining Operations

The implementation of the Learning Management System for the insurance industry provides strong support in structuring knowledge and receiving data that you will not obtain during traditional training. All this to increase the operational efficiency of your insurance company.

Increasing Cost Efficiency and Engagement LMS for Insurance

Increasing Cost Efficiency and Engagement

Through online training based on LMS for insurance, you will provide access to knowledge regardless of place and time. This solution is particularly important in reducing expenses on traditional training, and ensures engagement among associates by providing up-to-date information.

Flexible Control LMS for Insurance

Flexible Control

Samelane gives you flexible control over your training programs. As an administrator, you can create and share courses 24/7. In urgent situations such as sudden regulations and industry changes, assign mandatory courses for timely completion. An insurance LMS balances flexibility and control to effectively meet a variety of training needs.

Training Without Borders LMS for insurance

Training Without Borders

An insurance e-learning tool like Samelane provides employees, business partners and independent service sellers with 24/7 access. Thanks to this solution, they have access to training at a time convenient for them.

Key Features of Insurance LMS

24 access icon
24/7 Access
Training materials are available anytime and compatible with various devices for convenient learning.
Customizable system icon
Customizable Platform
Brand LMS with your organization’s logo and colors to provide a consistent learning environment.
Training automation icon
Automated Training
Streamlines onboarding and regular updates with role-specific learning paths.
Security icon
Robust Security and Access Management
Ensures data protection and privacy with layered access for different levels of stakeholders.
Advanced Analytics
Provides detailed reports for monitoring learning progress and evaluating training impact.
Evaluation icon
Seller Assessment Tools
Incorporates tests and examinations to check the understanding and commitment of employees and service providers.

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Compliance Training Platform for Insurance

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