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Chemical industry

Grupa Azoty

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Grupa Azoty is the Polish largest chemical group, created as a result of the consolidation of the key plants in this industry.
Lack of digitised knowledge, so far kept largely in paper form and transmitted in a non-formalised and hardly manageable way.
Samelane is redefining learning at Grupa Azoty during the company’s largest generation change by introducing digital courses and AR-based hands-on training.
The client received a comprehensive tool for managing the learning process in the organization and implemented procedures defining a formal way of knowledge transfer.
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How it started

The client needed to standardize the process of archiving and transferring knowledge from various areas (operating procedures, routines, safety rules, as well as practical tasks, service tasks, emergency processes ect.), in order to reduce the costs of training and new employees onboarding.

Moreover, it was supposed to have an impact on the reduction of costs resulting from the outflow of non-transferred knowledge from the organization along with the departure of key employees and experts.

The client wanted to be able to manage the content of training courses and job instructions in-house, without involving external suppliers, so that the costs of setting up the courses could be reduced and employees could be more engaged into the training process by providing training content in an attractive multimedia form.

The client noticed the value of using the augmented reality (AR) module for assisting manual workers in complex processes, which is intended to reduce costs related to human error.


As a part of the pilot program, we implemented a centralized training process management system which includes the e-Learning module and the augmented reality module.

To meet the client’s needs, we approached the implementation in a flexible manner. Firstly, we implemented separately Samleane LMS in order to make their functionality available to the client quickly and provide a quality training experience. Next, we implemented AR module. Then, for each of the modules, sample contents were prepared: 3 e-Learning courses, 1 AR training course. The exemplary training courses allowed the client to test the whole system early-on during the pilot and learn more about its functionality.

As soon as the installed and configured system was delivered along with sample training, the client verified the ease of use of the system, the impact of digitization of the training process on employee involvement, the benefits of centralized training process management and its influence on the quality and costs of employee training. Additionally, the possibility of extending the use of the AR module to other areas, including support for operational activities of production employees, were verified.

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An unquestionable benefit for the organization was the centralized management of the training process, that allowed defining the learning paths for many departments and organizational units and previewing learning results and statistics.

Our client gains independence from external suppliers in terms of managing the system’s content and resources, and at the same time receives constant substantive and technical support from the system suppliers within the monthly licence fee.

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