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Samelane helps you to streamline and optimize knowledge management within your organization but also when working with partners and vendors.
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automated user assignment
Create courses and learning programs in just a few steps. Utilize a variety of formats: standard courses, assessments, events or AR training. Design more advanced learning experience through diverse content including communiques, news notifications, and surveys.
flexible content sharing
Share content with one person, multiple people, selected organizational units or even the whole organization. Decide who should be automatically assigned to mandatory training. As a user, self-assign the publicly accessible trainings.
advanced analytics
Get access to the requested data. Keep track of users' performance, compliance and course completion rate. Create widgets to monitor your KPIs. Bring your analytics to the next level with Samelane centralized solutions.

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Easy Access & Mobility

Access knowledge from any desktop or mobile device. Keep your training running and let your team gain knowledge no matter where they are. Platform is well suited for both remote and onsite users.

Learn on the go, access the platform 24/7 via any device and from any location. Learning modules easily available on-demand.

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benefits money saving

Time and money savings

With Samelane LMS, you can replace offline courses and meetings, and thus cut external cost significantly. Automate onboarding, learning, compliance training, evaluations, and other internal processes.

Improve communication and knowledge sharing with an in-built communication module. With just a few clicks, invite new employees to be a part of a training program.

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Knowledge sharing hub

By creating courses or training sessions and making them available on one platform, you increase organizational expertise and foster knowledge sharing culture.

Samelane platform provides you with a centralized solution for sharing information and instructions, conducting trainings, processing documentation, and more. Information stored in our LMS is easy to navigate, and ready to work with.

Benefits data safety

Data safety and compliance

Your data is safe and secure with Samelane. We are following the industry standards for storage, encryption and EU privacy policies.

Our platform provides modern security standards enabling encrypted connections and protected access to data. We're aligned with up-to-date safety standards like ISO, FISMA, PCI. On-premises safety solutions are also an option.

Benefits productivity

Increased productivity

Manage training for thousands of users with one tool. Boost your team’s effectiveness and increase their motivation for learning with AR training and AI-based solutions.

Handle employee development paths and establish a culture of continuous improvement. Make sure everyone gets the training they need to become better at what they do.

Benefits functionalities

Enjoy the multitude of functionalities

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User-friendly interface

Your team members have their own dashboards uniquely designed to overview all courses (newly released, ongoing and completed).

Administrators can easily indicate some courses as mandatory and specify deadlines. Each team member gets immediate notifications about it.

benefits organizational growth

Organizational growth

Encourage knowledge sharing and retain it within your organization.

With course automation and in-depth insights and reporting, employees get the training they need, and employers gain control over learning development. The more your team knows, the stronger your business becomes.

Webinars samelane benefit

Interactive courses and webinars

Explore a wide array of courses, including standard online courses, interactive assessments, and the option to schedule live classroom trainings or webinars.

Elevate your courses with a webinar builder, adding unique educational elements to each course. Samelane LMS caters to all learning styles, allowing trainees to learn at their own pace or connect with teachers in real-time.

Streamline learning & development processes

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