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In many educational scenarios, the trainer needs to undertake a review/confirmation of the learners’ competency.  Examples might include:

  • A call center: has the new hire reached a standard high enough to start the field calls?
  • Practical tasks/skills where the learner must demonstrate/evidence certain skills/performance/process/standards.
    E.G: Fire/rescue, manufacturing, medical, transport companies, technical, catering, machine operatives, and many others.

The benefits of evaluation #

  • Third party verification to confirm/maintain/increase standards/quality.
  • Track and report on capabilities, increasing adherence and compliance – especially important for those exposed to safety-related or audit situations. 
  • Operational and business improvements because of third party verification

You can:

  1. Create an evaluation in course builder, adding: a title and note for the learner 
  2. Assign this to appropriate users to conduct the evaluation. 
  3. Each will get an email notification  with a link to the evaluation and details of who is ready for evaluation. 
  4. The evaluator completes the evaluation and applies a % score
  5. The system will then mark the learner pass/fail based on the % specified during the evaluation
  6. Access detailed Reporting including pass/fail and instructor notes – Share (or not) instructor notes and feedback from an evaluation form with the learner

How to build an evaluation #

This feature has been added as a new element within Course builder:

The process: #

  1. Select the element EVALUATION and drag it into the appropriate chapter
  2. Complete:
    1 – Add a Title, 
    2 – Set your % pass rate, 
    3 – From picklist, select one or more evaluators, 
    4 – Select “Simple” template, 
    5 – If desired, add in a descriptive help for the learner, maybe describing the process they will be going through with the evaluator or how to prepare for success, 
    6 – Hit Save. You’re done and ready to preview: 
  1. Assign the course in the normal way. 
  2. As learners mark that they are ready to be evaluated, the listed evaluators will each get an email inviting them to conduct the evaluation. As soon as the 1st evaluator accepts the task, the link will become inactive to others, therefore helping the learner to avoid multiple evaluations.

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