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Are you looking for an easy way to conduct a webinar on the LMS platform? Are webinars or classroom trainings a part of employees’ learning paths in your organization? Would you like to include offline classes to the course you created?

From now on you have an option to do all of this in Samelane! With the latest update of the platform, a new feature was added called Event. It allows you to conduct live online webinars and to schedule classroom trainings required to complete a course or a learning track. 

How to add an event to a course? #

First, go to the Content tab in Course Builder. On the right side of the screen you can see different types of content you can add to the course. To add an event drag the tile to the module content.

After adding an event you need to configure it. There are 3 types of events:

Classroom Training #

It is a fully offline event – it can be a class or a lecture that develops the topic of the course, or a workshop in which learners will apply knowledge gained from the previous lectures of the course.

To create a classroom training, you have to add a title, event description, date and time it starts. You can also add a location of the event. When the course with the event is assigned to a learner, the invitation will be sent to their email address so that learners can add the event to their calendars and receive reminders about the upcoming training sessions. 

Webinar #

It is an online event where you can conduct live sessions or online workshops.

To create a webinar you need to add its title, description, date and time of the event. Next, you can set moderators for the event – you can set all users as moderators, or select particular users for that role.

In the Preferences you can modify a webinar settings, i.e. specify whether users are muted when they join the event, if moderator approval is required before joining, and if users can join in listen-only mode.

You can also specify if the webinar should be recorded, and if users who did not take part in the event can complete it just by watching the recording.

Mixed  #

In this type of event you can set up a webinar and specify the location in case some learners will participate in the meeting in person. Thus you can combine classroom trainings with a webinar.

Joining an Event #

Once you create a course with the event and assign users to it, they will receive an email notification about the upcoming training session. After logging in to the platform, offline events will be displayed as a lecture in the course window.. 

Information about the webinars will be displayed similarly:

The link to join a webinar will become active 10 minutes before the webinar starts. 

Learners have to click on the link to join the webinar room. In the upcoming article you will learn more about features, tools, and settings available in the webinar room.

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