Exploring the Public Courses Section

The Public Courses page is your gateway to all the content available on our platform. Unlike assigned courses, you have the flexibility to explore and complete any public course at your own pace. Here’s how to navigate and make the most of this section:

Accessing Public Courses #

  1. Locate the Section: On the left menu, click on “Public Courses” to open the section.
  2. Browsing Courses: You will see a wide array of courses displayed. To access a course, simply click on its title, and its content will open for you to start learning.

Filtering and Searching Courses #

  • Filters: To narrow down your options, click the “Filters” button. Here, you can select different criteria to find courses that best match your interests or learning needs.
  • Search Box: If you know the name of the course you’re looking for, type it into the Search box for quick access.

Understanding Course Labels #

Each course may have different labels indicating its type:

  • Standard: Regular courses covering a specific topic or skill.
  • Learning Track: A series of courses designed to provide comprehensive coverage of a subject area.
  • Assessment: Courses that include tests or quizzes to evaluate your understanding and skills.

Navigating Pages #

At the bottom of the Public Courses page, you’ll find pagination controls. Use these to navigate through the multiple pages of available courses.

By taking advantage of the Public Courses section, you can expand your knowledge and skills beyond your assigned content. Happy learning!

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