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Facilitate employee training in telecommunication services

Take the lead of your industry with a complete LMS solution, well-suited to the needs of your employees and their training. Advance your enterprise in times when demand for high-speed connectivity and seamless customer experience is greater than ever.
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LMS for telecommunication industry
LMS for Telecommunication Industries

The telecommunication industry

Serving as the bloodstream of the modern world, the telecommunication sector connects humankind around the globe. Atop of the growing need for mobile communication and trouble-free broadband internet in the past years, recent challenges arising from the global pandemic caused a greater demand for telecommunication solutions.

To address the urgent need for smooth high-speed, flawless connectivity, the industry needs to keep pace with innovation, including the adoption of cloud-based solutions. However, to complement the tech, telecommunication enterprises need highly developed skills of their employees. Our LMS helps you to boost the service quality, increase learning efficiency and achieve the best results in a world needing communication more than ever.

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Advantages of telecommunication LMS

Content compliance

Learning content management made easy by applying necessary standards, applicable to all relevant materials. Centralizing training for call-center staff and vendors based on customer scenarios.
Content compliance LMS
LMS - Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Create interactive, rewarding online training harnessed to the business’s needs. Collaborative and diverse materials, combining text and visuals to break the routine in training.


Smooth standardization across various devices, enabling convenient multi-device learning. Samelane allows to train staff without the need to hold organized, in-house training.
Accessibility in LMS
Enhanced knowledge retention in LMS

Enhanced knowledge retention

Building an internal knowledge base supports the company by aggregating the know-how. Accumulating the expert resources strengthens the enterprise and secures it from the negative consequences of employee turnover.

Multiple language versions

Multinational telecommunication enterprises face language barriers. Using Samelane, you apply a platform designed to support any language and tailor your content to your team’s preferences. Easily adjust the courses for worldwide accessibility within your organization.
Multiple language versions in LMS

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Samelane core features for telecommunication

Training automation in LMS

Training automation

Learning process automation and optimization of onboarding processes via centralized online training. Use the skill gap tests and evaluation tools to accelerate the process of setting up your new hires within the structure.
24/7 availability - LMS

24/7 availability

Ever-open courses with the content available anytime and from everywhere. Easy access to training content for users and internal trainers. Processes made simpler and more effective, less cost-and time-consuming for your staff.
NAS solutions in LMS

NAS solutions

The platform, backed with NAS local clusters, stands against issues with low Internet bandwidth. Data management enables smooth synchronisation of large files and periodic resource download to address the needs of facilities affected by slow internet connection.
Built-in reports in LMS

Built-in reports

The all-in-one platform comes with integrated reports to track learning progress and measure training success. Furthermore, the opportunity to provide feedback on user advancement in assigned subjects.
Scalability in LMS


A solution that will keep pace with your growing business. The platform is adaptable to various structures and offers seamless integration with expanding corporate structure, no matter the scale. Deployable either on-premise or as a private-cloud solution to reduce costs and boost accessibility.
Cost-efficiency in LMS


Enabling your employees to access training materials from any place in the world and supporting learning on the go leads to significant savings in operational costs. Likewise, adapting the content to various departments’ needs improves flexibility and cost-efficiency.

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