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Streamline training in financial services

Our learning management system for financial services prompts innovation in employee development and accelerates company growth in almost every area of banking management.
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Streamline training in financial services
The banking industry - meeting

The banking industry

The success of companies in the financial sector relies heavily on the skills of their employees. Thus, sales personnel needs to know the products and services inside out. Employee training plays a key role in standardizing the knowledge about the offer, enhancing the quality of service, and upskilling.

Our learning management system helps to achieve the best results offering essential courses available around-the-clock in compliance with security policy and other requirements for banking organizations.

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Benefits of financial LMS

Maintain compliance

Remaining compliant with the applicable law and regulations is crucial to every financial organization. LMS will help you achieve that by automating compliance processes – and saving time and money.
Maintain compliance
Efficiently manage content

Efficiently manage content

Sales personnel has to be trained in all aspects of product information. Organizing a common knowledge platform will help in achieving that aim. With LMS you can upload, deliver and update all training materials with an easy, 24/7 employee access.

Secure sensitive data

With Samelane LMS your data is safe and secure. We follow strict industry standards for storage, encryption, and privacy, such as SSL and SSO/Oauth2.
Secure sensitive data
Minimize risk

Minimize risk

LMS e-learning platform reduces miscommunication and the risk of a failure to comply with industry regulations. It will help you automate certification renewal to avoid risks related to regulatory compliance. It will prepare your organization and partners in case of an audit.

Provide the right e-learning content

No matter the type of training – onboarding, compliance, process, customer service, soft skills, software – our LMS will help you provide the right courses to the right people. Utilize different content formats, such as audio, video, and presentations to answer a variety of needs and learning patterns.
Provide the right e learning content

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Samelane core features for banking industry

24h icon

24/7 access

The course content is available round-the-clock and can be retrieved from anywhere and on every device. Your personnel and partners can gain knowledge and repeat the material learned whenever it’s convenient for them.
Customizable system icon

Customizable system

The learning management system dedicated to financial services allows you to customize the platform and maintain your branding. You can add distinguishing elements, such as your logo and identity colors. Further customization concerning the LMS functionalities is possible with the Enterprise model.
Training automation icon

Training automation

With our e-learning platform, you can automate onboarding and compliance training, including re-certification – across all your business units. Thus, it becomes less cost-consuming and the whole process doesn’t engage your HR staff.
Access management and security icon

Access management and security

Thanks to the departments module, you can create numerous levels of hierarchy within your organization and among your financial partners. You can add users, set their roles, assign compulsory courses and training paths – and indicate what information they obtain access to.
reporting icon

Advanced reporting

Thanks to comprehensive reports that are generated instantly, you can analyze the collected data, assess the employee progress, and identify areas that might need improvement. You will receive employee feedback with the pulse check survey function.
checklist icon

Employee evaluation

Courses and their particular parts can end with quizzes, tests, and examinations. You can set the limits needed to pass the exam. Apart from that, to increase engagement, award your employees with points, badges, and official certificates that they can share on social media platforms.

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