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Banking industry industry

The banking industry

The success of companies in the financial sector relies heavily on their employees' competencies. Standardized employee training is key in delivering consistent services and compliant offer information to your customers. Our learning management system enables efficient training management providing essential courses available around the clock in compliance with security policy and other requirements applicable to banking organizations.

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Benefits for your business

Banking industry compilance

Maintain compilance

Remaining compliant with the applicable law and regulations is crucial to every financial organization. Thanks to LMS, you can track and manage compliance training, ensuring your employees adhere to specified requirements and stay up-to-date with mandatory certification regulatory compliance. Tracking the completion of mandatory training modules enables banks to fully comply with the regulations in force.

Banking industry content

Manage content efficiently

An LMS provides a centralized solution for hosting and managing training materials, courses, and other resources. Knowledge hub makes learning more efficient, organizes training content, and delivers it to employees across branches and departments. All training resources are accessible in one place, making it easy to upload, update, and provide to employees 24/7.

Banking industry secure

Secure sensitive data

With Samelane LMS, your data is safe and secure. We follow the industry standards for storage, encryption, and EU privacy policies. Our platform provides modern security standards enabling encrypted connections and protected access to data. We align with up-to-date safety standards like ISO, FISMA, and PCI. On-premises safety solutions are also an option.

Banking industry minimize risk

Keep up to date

Stay on top of continuous learning and skill development. LMS facilitates continuous learning by offering opportunities for ongoing skill development and updates of training content when needed. Employees can access new training modules and resources to stay current with banking industry trends and financial services best practices.

Banking industry right content

Use diverse e-learning content

No matter the type of training – onboarding, compliance, process, customer support, soft skills, or software – our LMS will help you deliver consistent and standardized training across the organization. Utilize different content formats to enhance user experience with audio, video, SCORM, ILT, Powerpoint, HTML 5, and more, depending on requirements.

Samelane core features for banking industry.

24 access icon
24/7 access
The course content is available round-the-clock and can be retrieved from anywhere and on every device. Your employees and partners can study and view the learning materials whenever it’s convenient for them.
Customizable system icon
Customizable system
Our LMS for the financial services sector enables platform customization and company branding. Incorporate branding elements like your organization’s logo and identity colors to provide a consistently branded learning experience.
Training automation icon
Training automation
With Samelane, you can automate onboarding and compliance training keeping your employees up to date with regulations and certifications across all your business units. Our LMS enables assigning role-based training paths, ensuring training relevant to the roles and tasks.
Security icon
Access management and security
Our LMS designed for banks incorporates strong security features, including data encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry data protection and privacy standards. Create numerous levels of hierarchy within your organization, including your financial partners.
Reporting icon
Advanced reporting
Generate comprehensive reports, analyze collective data on employee learning progress, assess the results, and identify improvement areas. Data tracking functionality proves valuable during compliance audits and regular training effectiveness tracking.
Evaluation icon
Employee evaluation
Enhance employee evaluation with quizzes, tests, and examinations at the end of each course module. Set specific passing criteria, ensuring employees demonstrate a strong understanding of the material. Increase engagement, award your employees with accreditation badges and certificates.

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