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Streamline training in manufacturing

Manage the entire training process for your employees and partners in one place. Increase safety, mitigate non-compliance risks, maintain the continuity of production, and reduce training costs.
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Streamline training in manufacturing
The manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry

Transfer of knowledge
The manufacturing industry faces significant challenges with not only new employees training and new machines coming into use, but also the introduction of the latest technologies. Moreover, it has to handle a high turnover rate, especially among experienced and highly skilled employees. Transfer of their practical knowledge is more demanding than standard courses.

Hard skills
The success of companies in the manufacturing sector relies largely on the hard skills of their employees. They operate and service advanced industrial machinery and equipment, thus the human factor is a considerable risk component.

Employee training
Our LMS helps you to centralize that knowledge and achieve the best training results taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

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Benefits of manufacturing LMS

Maintain compliance

Remaining compliant with the applicable law and safety regulations is crucial to every manufacturing company. Our LMS will help you alleviate non-compliance risks by automating certification and retraining processes.
Maintain compliance
Automate onboarding

Automate onboarding

Your employees need to know your machinery and industrial processes inside out before they can start working in the field. Cut onboarding time and costs to the minimum with our user-friendly and intuitive LMS.

Standardize knowledge

With Samelane LMS you can be sure that all your employees have access to the same, verified information and qualification and onboarding education – and thus follow industry regulations. Moreover, they can repeat the material learned whenever they feel they need to.
Standardize knowledge
Save time and money

Save time and money

Since new technologies, infrastructure and materials are introduced to manufacturing regularly, factory worker training has become even more time-consuming and expensive. Cut the costs significantly with an e-learning platform. Serve the same courses to thousands of employees based in different departments or even countries.

Minimize risk

Our LMS minimizes non-compliance risk. It will help you to automate certification renewal, upskill your team, and respond quickly to any urgent training demands, for example connected with new equipment or recent regulations.
Minimize risk

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Samelane core features for manufacturing

Intuitive interface icon

Intuitive interface

Samelane’s user-friendly interface provides a quality training experience to all your employees. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing an excellent learning experience for your employees, regardless of their technical expertise or prior experience with learning management systems.
Compliance training icon

Compliance training

To build long-term relationships with your customers you need to guarantee them that your processes comply with applicable industry standards. Samelane helps you ensure that all your employees receive the same compliance training and gain industry-specific knowledge.
Scalability icon


With our e-learning platform, you can automate onboarding and compliance training, including re-certification – across all your business units. Thus, it becomes less cost-consuming and the whole process doesn’t engage your HR staff.
Training automation icon

Training automation

Our e-learning platform allows you to automate a variety of processes, such as communication, onboarding, compliance training, re-certification, employee assessment. It will happen across all your departments and plants. Finally, you don't have to struggle to track training progress manually.
Monitoring and reporting icon

Monitoring and reporting

Thanks to comprehensive reports that are generated instantly, you can analyze the collected data, assess the employee progress, and identify areas that might need improvement. You will receive employee feedback with the pulse check survey function.
Customization icon


Samelane LMS allows you to customize the platform. Configurability applies to both the overall look and the particular functionalities tailored to your manufacturing company needs (available with the Enterprise model). Upload your logo and brand colors to maintain a consistent experience across all your systems.

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