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Ensure standards compliance through LMS for Pharma

Digitize processes and training for compliance standards with a custom LMS for pharmacy. Provide consistent knowledge 24/7, reduce costs and risks. Let your pharmaceutical business grow.
LMS for pharma

Learning Management System for Pharmaceutical Industry

In pharmacology, compliance with procedures and restrictions is crucial for the entire organization. LMS for the pharmaceutical industry allows you to manage compliance and documentation training at many levels, ensures learning at any time and gives you control over employees' compliance with restrictions.
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Benefits of LMS for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Automated onboarding with LMS for pharma

Automated Onboarding

Automate the onboarding process for new employees. Thanks to the progress tracking functions in the LMS for pharma, you will know what the new person’s onboarding path looks like and where to support them to meet company standards.

Tracking Progress LMS for pharmaceutical

Tracking Progress

The user’s progress tracking feature allows to identify knowledge and find skill gaps. At Samelane, LMS for Pharmaceutical Industry, we provide extensive features for tracking progress and information about completed training paths.

Compliance with learning management system for pharma


Ensure knowledge consistency between employees. Build learning paths in Samelane LMS, providing colleagues with immediate knowledge of product standards, ethics, collaboration and the latest regulations.

Enhancing Quality and Streamlining Operations with learning management system for pharmaceutical companies

Enhancing Quality and Streamlining Operations

The implementation of the Learning Management System for the pharmaceutical industry provides strong support in structuring knowledge and receiving data that you will not obtain during traditional training – tracking training, checking the level of knowledge of users, meeting company standards. All this to increase operational efficiency.

Driving Cost Efficiency with pharma e-learning tool

Driving Cost Efficiency

Through online courses based on LMS for pharma training, you will provide access to knowledge regardless of place and time. This solution is particularly important in reducing expenses on traditional training, and ensures engagement among associates by providing up-to-date information.

Fostering Growth and Managing Risks LMS compliance pharma

Fostering Growth and Managing Risks

Custom LMS training for the pharmaceutical industry affects the increase in knowledge among employees, which translates into the sales results of the entire company. Additionally, mandatory training paths ensure that each employee is informed about current regulations, thanks to which the pharmaceutical company can provide the quality of its employees’ knowledge.

Flexible Control LMS pharma online e learning

Flexible Control

Samelane gives you flexible control over your training programs. As an administrator, you can create and share courses 24/7. In urgent situations, such as sudden regulations and industry changes, assign mandatory courses for timely completion. A pharmaceutical LMS balances flexibility and control to effectively meet a variety of training needs.

Training Without Borders LMS for pharmacy

Training Without Borders

A pharma e-learning tool like Samelane provides employees, business partners and vendors with 24/7 access. Thanks to this solution, they have access to training at a time convenient for them.

Samelane core features for Pharma

Security icon
The platform is ISO aligned, compliant with EU privacy rules and GDPR to ensure corporate-grade data protection practices. All your business-related content, user information and internal processes are protected with safe authorization protocols.
24 access icon
24/7 Access
With hassle-free on-the-go access to the LMS platform, your staff can use training materials anytime and anywhere. Unobstructed access to e-learning courses answers users’ needs in the dynamic, ever-changing environment.
Advanced Tracking and Reporting
The platform comes with an integrated reporting panel, enabling convenient insights into learning progress and achievements. Depending on the course of learning, easily assign further training steps and gather reports on employee performance.
Training automation icon
Training Automation
Reduce time spent on onboarding, compliance training, and re-certification. The LMS enables automation of internal knowledge-related processes, from employee's day one to assuring ongoing compliance with industry regulations, taking the burden off your HR department.
flexible content sharing
The platform is a solution built to grow, keeping up with your operations. As you scale your employment, Samelane adapts to your needs, offering easy integration with the extending structures.

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