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Samelane helps to optimize your organizational knowledge management, automate employee compliance training and scale-up learning processes the way you like.
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Online Courses

Your team members have their own dashboards uniquely designed to overview all the courses (newly released, ongoing and completed). Administrators can easily indicate some courses as mandatory and specify a deadline for completion. Every team member gets immediate notifications about it.

Remote Training

Keep your training running even when your team members are far away: in the field, abroad or working from home. With the platform intelligence, you can easily keep track of all the training and courses, see if they are completed and when. The platform automatically keeps the team engaged until the completion of training.
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Content Management

Managing content for employee training, no matter if it’s a small company or a big enterprise, has never been so simple. The platform is designed in such a way that you don’t even need a manual for it. You just follow guided steps and within minutes you get the course ready to be shared within your whole organization.



Both small and bigger organizations sometimes need to follow their corporate hierarchy for distributing courses to correct groups of people. With the Departments module, you can create as many levels of hierarchy as you wish within one main department and its subdivisions. Easily assign users to corresponding departments and share courses without hassle.


From the beginning, the platform was designed to support any language. You can use different languages for your overseas offices by creating Departments for specific countries, or simply adjust course content to your team’s preferable language - tailor your courses the way you need for your organization.
internationalization and branding


Samelane allows you to maintain your branding and customize the platform look by adding your logo and identity colours. This way, the learning space will become more familiar for your team members. More customizations are possible with the Enterprise model.

Insight and Reports

Keep track of all shared courses and learning progress. With the comprehensive structure, you can drill down from the main department level to a single course overview to see the progress details, check people assigned and whether it was completed on time or not. This will free you, as the employer, from constant worries about your organization being in compliance with changing training regulations.

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