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Looking for an easy way to collect users’ opinions and impressions on courses? Would you like to know what learners think about course organization? Have you ever wondered how the instructors are doing, do they need any help or a round of applause maybe? Do you want to check what learners really remember half a year after taking a course?

A new feature is now available and it will help you in course evaluation and management. From now on you can get user feedback directly on the platform.

Setting up a Feedback Survey #

A new part has been added to the Course Builder – after adding content and managing course certificates, the next step is now Feedback Survey creation. 

Here you can add feedback surveys. To do that you have to:

  • Set the title of the survey – it would be best if it is connected to the course title to avoid users’ confusion.
  • Set Feedback delay – surveys can be sent to users with different delays. They can be assigned to users right after finishing the course or some time after – days, weeks, or months even.
  • Add questions – you can add multiple types of questions to one survey. They can be closed questions with single or multiple answers and open questions, where users can write their answers. 

Remember that you can add multiple surveys to one course. 

Immediately after finishing the course, you can ask learners if they enjoyed it, found the instructor helpful, or if it was interesting and could be useful in their future work.

Moreover, you can set another feedback survey to be sent out for example 3 months later – here you can ask users if the course helped them in their current work, what they would add to the course based on their current experience, or you can simply check what they remember from it. You should give it a slightly different name – for example, Course Survey – one month later so you can easily distinguish them while checking the results later.

Feedback Survey reports #

To check the results that you have to go to Surveys Reports – here you can find:

  • Users Overview – you can check how many users the survey was assigned to and how many of them completed it
  • Questions Overview – you can check how many users answered the questions and in closed questions – how many users choose each answer. To see detailed answers to open questions you have to export the feedback survey report.

If you already collected the feedback you wanted or you want to resign from one or more of the feedback surveys you can disable them in the Course Builder. Disabled surveys will still be available in the survey reports, but they will not show to any new users. 

Active feedback survey will be visible for users as a pop-up window after signing to the platform – except for the surveys set to start right after finishing the course. In order to access other parts of the portal users have to complete the survey.

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