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Event attendees

What is it for? #

With the introduction of a new content type: Events, we added a new way to confirm or decline user attendance in-classroom training or webinars. After the event is over, the administrator can access the Event attendees list to see the list of assigned users and confirm learners’ presence in class.

Learners’ presence in the webinars will be tracked in real-time in the upcoming releases – if the user closes the webinar before it ends, the percentage of the user’s presence will appear in the Event attendees report. The administrator will then have to decide whether to confirm or decline the user’s attendance.   

When a user’s attendance is accepted, the system marks it as completed for users.

How to use it? #

You can find the Event attendees list in the Courses section. Go to the Actions menu of the selected course and choose Event attendees. 

Here, on the right side, you will find the list of all users assigned to the course. The columns correspond with the events added to the course. Note that you can add as many events as needed in one course:

You can confirm or decline the attendance during or after the event. To do so, choose a checkmark (confirm) or an x button (decline):

Attendance is a factor in granting users failed/passed status in their course completion. If you accept the user’s attendance, the lecture with the event will be marked as passed, however, if you decline it  –  the event will be marked as failed in the course reports. 

If a learner took part in the event but was not assigned to it on the platform yet, you can easily add them to it from the Event attendees menu. Click on the Add user button on the right side of the screen, and you can assign the course to the user:

The user will appear on the list, and you can manage their attendance status:

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